Hello wall




Hello wall” is a moving wall installation. It is embedded with non-contact microwave sensors that were developed by a joint research company. When a person seated in front of the installation brings a ball closer to the wall’s surface, “Hello wall,” which was designed to respond to an interaction, grabs the ball. In another situation, when the user brings their hand closer to the wall, they are able to give the wall a “high five.” The microwave transmitter embedded in the chair sends out microwaves and those microwaves propagate though the surface of human body. When the user brings their hand closer to the wall, the non-contact sensors embedded in the wall receive those microwaves. The aim of this project’s design process was to show that in the future even ordinary things will be able to change shape interactively in order to interact with users in everyday life.


I was the leader of this project, and managed whole process: ideation, production and exhibition.




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  • IAMAS 2015
  • Shoku-Raku exhibition I



  • “Interaction 2015” of Information Processing Society of Japan

paper: HELLO WALL: A Basic Research of Interaction between the Wall Moving Lifelike and People